Chinese New Year

2014 is theYear of the Golden Horse! ILT High school joined ILT Elementary and Middle schools to host our first annual Chinese New Year Celebration.

The Celebration included a Chinese Dragon dance, Chinese Performances, family friendly activities, Chinese cultural fun games, gifts and more! 

Click here to see a video from the event.


The goal of ILTexas is for students to become fluent in reading, writing, listening, and speaking Mandarin Chinese. ILTexas uses the K-12 curriculum from Better Chinese and the standards in Chapter 114 of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) to implement the K-12 curriculum. Our objective is for every student to successfully complete Chinese I, Chinese II, Chinese III, and AP Chinese IV or Dual Credit College Chinese I by the end of their 12th grade year. The following program model outlines our goals for grades K-12:

Elementary (K-5): Two Mandarin Chinese teachers serve our students for at least two hours a week. Mandarin Chinese in the elementary level will be a specials class that focuses on the Level I Novice of Chapter 114.22 of the TEKS. By the end of 5th grade, our students should show mastery on the following skills:


* Understand short utterances when listening and respond orally with learned material* Produce learned words, phrases, and sentences when speaking and writing* Detect main ideas in familiar material when listening and reading* Recognize the importance in communication to know about the culture

Middle School (6-8): Three Chinese teachers serve our students in all grade levels. Students have one class period of Mandarin Chinese every day and transition from the Novice to Intermediate Level of Chapter 114.23 of the TEKS. By the end of  8th grade, our students should show mastery on the following skills:

* Participate in simple face-to-face communication* Create statements and questions to communicate independently when speaking and writing* Understand main ideas and some details on familiar topics when listening and reading* Use knowledge of the culture in the development of communication skills


High School (9-12): Four Chinese teachers serve our students in all grade levels. Students have one class period of Mandarin Chinese every day and transition from the Intermediate to Advanced Level of Chapter 114.23 of the TEKS. By the end of 12th grade, our students should show mastery on the following skills:


* Participate fully in casual conversations in culturally appropriate ways* Explain, narrate, and describe in past, present, and future tense when speaking and writing* Understand main ideas and details on a variety of topics when listening and reading* Write coherent paragraphs and apply knowledge of culture when communicating

***Please note that this program was created for our students who will start with ILTexas in their early elementary years. We recognize that our students will be on different levels of mastery depending on the grade level entered at ILTexas.***



Dear all,


Do you want to listen to real Chinese music, do you want to attend a real Chinese concert in Texas? You can enjoy it at home for free! Welcome to share this news with your families, friends and students. Here I forward the invitation from Confucius Institute Online.


Music has the power to reach beyond the limits of the spoken language. Regardless of your ethnicity, your language, or where you live, music and songs can both enrich your life and inspire your soul.

I am pleased to invite you to appreciate the live-concert of “2013 Wonderful Harmony: An Evening of Songs from East and West”, by visiting Confucius Institute Online website at on the evening of Sunday October 20th (US local time). Here is the time list according to different U.S. time zones:


Central Daylight Time (CDT): 21:30~23:30

The concert features well-established opera singers from Canada and China, who will perform famous exerts from Western and Chinese operas, such as Vissi d'arte and Strange Harmony aria from Tosca; Che gelida manina from La Boheme; Beijing opera aria Drunken Beauty, The Same Song, and others. (Please find attached the programme for your reference). Some of the performers include: 

-        Andy Greenwood, Winner of Metropolitan Opera Council Auditions in Western Canada;

-        Qiaoyun Geng, Top winner of the National Beijing Opera Competitions in China;

-        Michelle Koebke, Received recognition from the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame;

-        Leo Zhenyu Liu, Winner of the National Opera Singing Competition in China;

In addition, Confucius Institute Online has organized a special activity entitled “Enjoy music and Win gifts”. You will have the opportunity of winning gifts by participating in the interactive discussions in the Community Forum( by writing down your impressions of this concert in the Community Bl(


I hope Y'all will enjoy the concert and have a wonderful evening!



Chinese teacher

Chinese Course Description


The course focuses a lot on developing oral fluency, writing skills, cultural understanding and activities. Many activities are used besides teaching. Some of the class activities will include oral communication exercises such as dialogues, songs, role-playing, Kong Fu exercises, paper-cutting, calligraphy, hand-drafts and project presentations. This will be achieved through pair work, group discussion, web searches, cultural projects and writing assignments. Students will further develop interpersonal, interpretative, and presentational skills and language. Developing appreciation and awareness of the Chinese cultures is an integral theme throughout the course.

Supplemental Learning Resources

  • Supplements websites:

            CCTV Learn Chinese:

            BBC Learn Chinese:  

            Mandarin Pronunciation Practices:  

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